Almost to the day a few years ago, Dimebag Darrell was killed by a crazed fan. I remember minutes before going into an important meeting at OpenAdvantage and getting the news. I was utterly gobsmacked and distressed over it for a few days. He was probably the single most important influence on my own music, and like many other fans, I felt like I knew the dude everytime I saw him in music videos or listened to his work. He wasn’t just another metal guitarist, there was something different about Dime. I am just pleased that I could mark my own personal respects to him by playing with Seraphidian at a tribute gig for him. A small mark of respect for the huge gifts he gave me as I grew up.

The world should never forget Dime and his incredible contributions as a musician and a fantastic and inspiring guitarist to all of us. Rest in peace brother!

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