With Irish blood in my family, I always knew and assumed it was a custom to walk around with a pig under your arm. Its just the way life is. No-one believed me, and the cynics all stood afar indulged in mockery.

Well, I have proof. This has been here for some months, but I have never got round to posting it. Here I present Dave Neary, famous Irish gent and GNOME dude, holding said pig under arm:

See, I told you so.

Postscript – what makes this particularly amusing is that at the Fluendo beach party in Spain I asked Dave to pose pretending that he had a pig under his arm, but then realised the following day that my GIMP skills were so bad that I could not convincingly GIMP-in the pig. Dave “good sport” Neary stepped in to augment a pig under his own arm. Kudos to the Neary…

UPDATE: Sorry about the image problem, the pig has returned.

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