Sometimes a situation in life unveils itself, and it is a thing of unparalleled beauty. Such experiences are infrequent, but their rarity is compensated by magnificence, elegance and grace. Importantly, these occurrences are defined by the combination and the whole; the elements, seemingly bland and uninteresting in the singular, coming together to form an event unmarred by the norm and pushing towards the divine.

Such an experience happened to me a few days ago:

  • Aq, in Marks & Spencers (a relatively upmarket retail chain, for those of you unfamiliar with it).
  • I call him on his mobile.
  • He accidentally places me on speakerphone.
  • His phone crashes and he can neither switch the speaker phone off…or…hang up. 😉

Cue, your brave narrator shouting things down the phone as an embarrassed Aq desperately tries to remove the battery to silence the Bacon onslaught.

Beautiful. I could have not wished for a finer person to be stuck in M&S with a phone locked on speakerphone. Oh, and if the tables were turned, he would have milked it for all its worth too. 🙂

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