When I created my Amazon Wishlist a few weeks back ready for my birthday, I, like any opportunistic cad, added a bunch of different items on there, some of which I never expected a hope in hell to receive.

Well, today I had a coffee catch-up planned with my pal and Firefox / Python-testing super-hero Mikeal Rogers and he presented me with this accessory to rock-and-roll bliss:

Guitar Dork: World Tour.

That’s right metal-fans, it is a full-size authorized replica of a BC Rich Warlock made for Guitar Hero (and Rock Band, and I assume Frets On Fire). It also make me feel that little closer to living out my dreams as Max Cavalera from Sepultura during their 80’s heyday:

Spot the bonus mullet in the photo here.

This is actually perfect timing as I am planning a Guitar Hero competition at the next Ubuntu Developer Summit.

Thankyou so, so, much Mikeal!

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