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Wed 21st Oct 2020 

Yellow belt is a coming

Well, Karate was fun tonight and we may be entered into our yellow belt gradings soon. Kata is coming along and I am looking forward to the first grading. I have been thinking of a few new documents to write connected to free software and education, and we have been...


Today is going slow. I just have no motivation today, and I have done nothing useful yet. I am gonna start working soon though. Tonight we have Karate. We got our yellow tips last week which is a 9th Kyu grading; yellow belt is 8 Kyu as far as I know. We will be...


Well tonight was an interesting LUG and we discussed for the most part DRM and its implications. Although I am nbot fully coverse in the subject, it does not sound good – and we were wondering what we can do to spread awareness. As I stated to the other guys in...

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