Ramble rumble

Well, I just added the UnitedLinux ramble. I am now sat in front of the box and Sooz is working on her masters work. I went to karate tonight and really enjoyed it. I plan on practicing a lot. 🙂 Fiddled with Qt some more tonight. I am having some weird permissions...

Lazy Blighta’

Well, with a grand plan to get up at 9am, I woke up at 11am. Neverming; it has been a busy week this week anyway. Messed around with Qt some more last night. I am still trying to figure out the smaller points of getting it all working fully. Part of this is learning...

The day after the demo

Well, it seems the patents demonstration has been an online success. This site was down for a day while it all happened, and I noticed plenty of others that were taking part. I am going to add some things supporting this scheme to this site on my next update. Today I...


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