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Welcome Blenderheads

Ahhh cool, it seems my story that I submitted to the Blender website has been posted. I noticed 10 people online in the Writing section a few minutes back. Wow. Fingers crossed my whopping 11 part Linux Format Blender series will be made available sometime soon....

Updates and GPL Pod Control

Tonight I have taken a few more photos to stick in the About section and for some of the publications. I am emailing all of this out tonight hopefully. I also changed the image in the Forums and Forge. I do plan on taking some of these pages out of the IFRAMEs by the...

Bath does not like cars

I drove to Bath yesterday to see a couple of guys from What Guitar? magazine and also see the Linux Format guys. I set off quite early and got to Bath a little while before my meeting with What Guitar? magazine. I then quickly realised that Bath really is not a place...

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