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2nd Oct 2020

Debian fun

Last night I was hacking away at some Qt code to play with sockets still. I spent most of the time revising old code to handle QWidgets though. Finally fixed it after some head scratching. Today I brought the studio box downstairs and plugged it into the LAN. I...

Remote X

After some discussions with Telsa today regarding remote X sessions over a LAN, I felt compelled to give this a whirl on the Mac with its suped up X installation. To say impressed is an understatement. This is incredible. I can now have my KDE kicker menu running on...


I drove to Wales today. It was a complete belter of a drive getting there – nearly 3 1/2 hours there and another dose of 3 1/2 hours back. My meetup with Telsa was cool; work done, randomness discussed and paper spread everywhere. 🙂 Wales seems quite a nice...

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