What a great weekend. After a nice lazy Friday night, I spent the early part of Saturday working on a few bits and pieces, and preparing for my presentation later this week. Then, later that day, Sooz and I drove to Nottingham for Aq’s 30th birthday bash. At a previous stag do I had been to a Robin Hood night, and figured it would be fun for the ging’s celebrations. Aq was looking for something fun to do, plumped with that, and we all had a great night. There was much eating, drinking, and rather shamefully, dancing to Chesney Hawkes with Aq’s better half. That women has a hold on me when Chesney Hawkes comes on – this is the third time it has happened. Then again, there ain’t nothin’ like a Bacon getting his groove on…

For the curmudgeonly of you out there, I am sure this will brighten your day:


(photos courtesy of the bald)


With 0.6 out it seems RaccoonShow is making its way through the net. Thanks very, very much to David Watson who has volunteered to package it for Debian.

The problems we face at the moment is that swftools relies on lame to convert the audio into an MP3 that Flash understands. This is obviously a problem in Debian due to lame being nonfree. There is no real solution around this, unless swftools uses a magic program that is both Debian and Flash friendly, which is unlikely. Anyway, David is looking into it, and will produce unofficial packages whatever the outcome. 🙂

Recreant View

I am pleased to announce the brand new, all singing, all dancing, rocking, rolling, laugh a second, don’t forget your spare underwear Recreant View is available! For those of you who are wondering what I am banging on about, Recreant View is where all of my music lives. You should check it out, its fun. 🙂

The new site is pumped full of WordPress goodness, and includes a nicer design, actual working account registration, blog comments and more. Be sure to point your RSS reader at this link to keep up to date with what is going on there.

Go check it out, and lets build a little community there.

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