The majestic Michael ‘Elleo’ Sheldon has been hacking on some interesting Jokosher stuff recently. Firstly, he has been hacking on GStreamer to make high end sound cards such as the Delta 44 and Delta 1010 work properly in GStreamer. This involved a bug report and then a patch that fixed the alsasrc to make it happen. This means that Jokosher will be ‘the real shizzle’ for sound cards with more inputs than Matthew Garrett has laptops.

The wistful lad has also blogged about some hacking he has done to make Jokosher run in the Nokia 770 emulator. I had a quick chat with him last night and he said that it was not all that difficult to get running, although it is by no means finished yet. Aside from Jokosher Remote, we also have Jokosher Mini for the Nokia 770 planned, and this is encouraging news. A few shots of Elleo’s work for the screenshot junkies among you:

Everybody hates Ted Haegeaeaeaear

Including me.

Every so often you meet someone who confounds popular understanding of reason. A person who challenges even the most sane of individuals with his references to hog skinnery and a keenness to mock Erin Bockovich.

In addition to such crimes against reason, he denies his part in the grand-bacon-conspiracy (to which he has worked with Messrs Bockovich, Cooper and Nocera), and has also participated in the act of senselessly launching non-descript chunks of fruit at salad dodging GUADEC participants with orange hair. Is there no limit to the depths this man will stoop to?

Say NO to Haegeaear!

WordPress comes riding to the rescue

Oh, and for those of you who have had problems posting comments, I am in the process of moving to WordPress. My custom blogging engine has frustrated me one too many times. Hopefully I can get something up and running soon and then you can go comment nuts. 🙂

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