Wow, life is busy right now. Lots of things going on, and lots of preparation for some big things. Here is whats filling my waking hours these days:

  • LUGRadio Live 2006 planning is going apace. We have pretty much everything in order now, and its good to see it solidifying. Things like art, banners, printed programmes, t-shirts, exhibitors, speakers, projectors, PA systems, LAN gaming and everything is now pretty much sorted. Its going to be awesome!
  • If all goes well, Jokosher gets its 0.1 release on the 22nd July. Most of the bugs seem fixed and other than a few bugs in GStreamer that have been introduced with some recent fixes, we are there. Our good friends in #gstreamer are fixing those as we speak though! 🙂
  • I am working to build up some autonomous teams as part of the Jokosher project. Jeff Ratliff has been doing some great work getting the Jokosher Documentation Team started, and we should have some great docs for the first release. Andreas Nilsson has been going icon nuts, and so has Oscar. We are beginning to see the Art Team forming.
  • Finishing off a PHP/MySQL book.
  • Thinking more and more about the contextual desktop. The blog post I wrote garnered some really awesome comments and some interesting ideas. When I get a moment for my head to breathe I am going to think about it in some more detail.

Incidentally, for you Planet GNOME people, if anyone could set up jokosher-devel-list and add me as the listmaster (jono AT jonobacon DOT org), that would be great. I mailed the list request email address and got nothing back, and I spoke to jdub about it, but I know he is a busy guy. Our current list has gone down and doesn’t seem to be coming back (it was on one of the developers ADSL connection), so we need a solid mailing list, particularly building up to release. Thanks peeps!

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