A while back I asked if Elliot could upgrade my Nokia 770 to the new firmware as he had done it on his own 770. Despite following the instructions precisely, and performing exactly the same steps, the poor guy had problems flashing it and the 770 was left in a somewhat battered and broken state, constantly rebooting its knackered OS. I was quite disappointed that the software used (the Windows software) had allowed this to happen – Elliot had performed the steps perfectly.

Now, failed firmware upgrades usually mean destiny as a paperweight, but after speaking to ensonic, he imparted some wisdom that saved the little chappy. If you find your 770 in a similar state, go and download ‘flasher-2.0’ from the Maemo site and grab the latest firmware. Then run:

sudo flasher-2.0 -f -F <the image firmware file> -R

Alas, the little blighter came back to life. Good one ensonic.

Impressively, today I reported this bug and it was fixed in about 2 1/2 hours. They are also looking into remaining Jokosher problems and a release is planned this week! Gotta love the GStreamer bods. 🙂

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