OK, one final blog post about the extavaganza that is LUGRadio Live 2006, happening this weekend – the 22nd and 23rd July in Wolverhampton, England.

Its going to be one heck of an event, with a bunch of speakers:

Mark Shuttleworth, Simon Phipps, Michael Meeks, Simon Willison, Stephen Lamb, Sarah Ewen, Scott James Remnant, Ted Haeger, Gervase Markham, Bastien Nocera, Barbie, Jonathan Riddell, Richard Moore, Jonathan Haslam, Steve Coast, Kat Goodwin, Jen Phillips and Phated, Edward Hervey, Matthew Garrett, John Leach, Elliot Smith, Paul Cooper, Tom Steinberg, Ewan Spence, Christian Schaller, Ian Lynch, Alex Hudson, Martin Vogel, Matthew Bloch, Bruno Bord, Mirco Müller, Belial, Des Burley, Michael Dominik, Mike Hearn, Danny O’Brien, Matthew Bloch, Gareth Bowker, Huw Lynes, Bill Thompson, Rob Taylor, Seb Payne and many more…

Oh, and lets not forget the exhibitors:

Ubuntu, Bytemark, OpenSolaris, UK Linux, KDE and Kubuntu, InkScape, Tuxgames, Clockwork Software, MythTV, Everybody Loves Eric Raymond, The Open CD, Novell, TurboCash, MOST, Enterprise Groupware Server, CentOS, Joomla!, OpenDocument Fellowship, O’Reilly, Fedora, Fluendo, Debian, Creative Commons, GNOME, Linspire, Free Software Foundation Europe, Shadowcat Systems…

Oh, and fancy some BOF sessions?

Open Source CRM with EGS, Jokosher, iFolder, Hardware Hacking Show and Tell, SuSE, Perl User Groups, Ruby on Rails In Actuality, #lugradio Meet and Greet, Ubuntu Accessibility lug.org.uk, How to Contribute to Open Source, Ubuntu Users UK and more more…

All this and much more spread over two days, for the princly sum of a fiver (or three of your english pounds, for a amusing concession). Grab your tickets here or buy on the day for a fiver. For accomodation, see here.

For those of you who are coming, some useful times (everyone is welcome to each of these events):


2pm – Lunch meet up for early arrivers – The Varsity, Wolverhampton
8pm – Pre-LUGRadio Live meet up – The Hogs Head, Wolverhampton


10am – Doors Open
See the schedule
6.30pm – Doors Close
8pm – LUGRadio Live Party @ LUGRadio Live Venue


10.30am – Doors Open
See the schedule
5pm – Doors Close

Oh, and don’t forget that I am shaving my beard off for charity. There are some awesome donations coming in, and you ‘orrible lot who can’t come need to donate. If you are reading this right now, you should be donating. Just think of the good your donation will do for Amnesty International. Let’s earn them a bit wodge of cash.


The biggest doner who attends the event will get the honour of shaving said beard off, so get donating!! 🙂

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