As regular readers may well remember, I installed a MythTV quite some time ago. I got it up and running on Ubuntu Breezy, with video out from my ATI card and support for my remote control and LCD panel. Feeling rather smug about building said box, I showed it off to all and sundry to which the responses sounded like an episode of Batman. Since then, the box has recorded hundreds of gigabytes of shows and proved incredibly reliable.

Anyway, now is the time to upgrade, and I want to solicit help and advice from you ‘orrible lot before I do the deed. Has anyone upgraded a myth box from Breezy to Dapper or just installed from scratch on Dapper? Some points I will need to consider about the upgrade:

  • I will be building MythTV 0.19 from scratch. Any gotchas involved in building on a Dapper box? I am building because packages are not available for Dapper, and no, I am not going to run Edgy. 🙂
  • Kernel 2.6.15 and above should have support for my DVB card (Nova-T) as well as my PVR350 card. Do I need to bear anything in mind to make these two play together nicely?
  • Has anyone got MythGame and MythBurn up and running OK? Also, is anyone aware of an infrared arcade stick so I can play Bionic Commando from my couch?
  • Finally, can anyone recommend a good way to get current things off my box and converted to something usable (such as MPEG4) before I do the deed? I believe nuvexport could be useful here. I tried mencoder to convert from .nuv to something else but there were lipsync issues.

People, share with me your experiences… 🙂

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