Well, the server move was successful, and everything is back up and running. Thanks for your patience folks.

I thought it was time I gave you a quick update on my LADSPA hacking in Jokosher. Although the code is by no means complete, more and more of it is working. Currently you can select an effect from the list of available effects on your system, and it will apply the effect to the instrument when you press play. So, as an example, I just applied the Simple Delay effect to a guitar recording and it sounded great. You can also mix down fine with the effect applied. 🙂

I did have some bugs and quirks with setting GObject properties for the effects, but I have fixed that now, and as of tonight’s commit, you can update effect settings in real-time and hear those changes while the audio is playing. To prove it, I just wasted 35 minutes fiddling with sliders on the effects that are working.

This is a great start, but there are still many things to be fixed, and much of it needs fixing in the LADSPA GStreamer element that we depend on. My friend and yours, Andy Wingo hacked in a bunch of changes in on Friday to get the element limping along, but it still needs some love. If there is anyone out there who is so inclined to hack on it, fix some bugs and get the insane levels of fame reserved for such an act, you can find it in gst-plugins-good/ext/ladspa. I have reported a bunch of bugs that outline the problems:

These bugs are currently standing in the way of me getting the LADSPA support in Jokosher finished, and if you can help fix them, I am sure Mr Wingo himself will be pleased too. 🙂

UPDATE: Oops! I forgot to say, if you want to poke around with the LADSPA stuff in Jokosher, see this page. I added a few notes to the wiki.

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