I am pleased to announce the release of my latest song – Little Coal Nose.

This song is written about and dedicated to our little dachshund Banger who many of you will know unfortunately passed away recently. The song is a upbeat rock/metal song and I sing in it (no growling). One of the things I loved most about Banger was his little black nose that looked like a lump of coal….hence the song. I didn’t want to create the typical morbid, sad dedication song, but something that remembers the good times. 🙂

I am quite pleased with it, and it is not my usual brand of death metal or ambient acoustic music. It hails back to songs such Jacks Playing Ball (which is now immortalised as the LUGRadio theme) and Free The Free, albeit my recent efforts have much better production than those earlier days. 🙂

Download: Ogg : MP3

As ever, keep an eye on my music site – Recreant View.

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