Well, thats it, its been an exausting day here in Stuttgart, and I have been trucking for around 18 hours today, but its been a really productive day. I had a really interesting discussion with some KDE people about the relationship between Canonical, Kubuntu, KDE and other free software projects, and I have a bunch of action points to look into on Monday. So, congratulations to the organisers for a well run and enthusiastically attended event. 🙂

Oh, and lady luck being on my side, I rather ironically won the rather snappily titled Qt 4: Einführung in die Applikationsentwicklung written by the legendary Daniel Molkentin. The audience found this most amusing, and so did I. Thanks very much folks. 🙂

Now, being that (a) I don’t code in Qt any more and (b) I don’t speak German, I have decided to do the right thing and offer this book up as a prize. So, friends, please respond to this blog entry with an answer to the following question:

When you win this book and hack on a program in Qt 4, what will it be?

Include your name and email address. As usual, comedic or inspiring answers will be of notable value. Get your answers in. 🙂

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