Here I am at the 10th anniversary event for KDE and its really cool. Last night I had two, count them, two hours of sleep before my alarm went off at 3am. I get back into England at around 11pm. Its a long day, but its worth it. The energy here behind the KDE team is great, and its been fantastic to meet many old and new friends alike.

My talk seemed to go pretty well, and caused some interesting questions and discussion afterwards. Shortly after the talk I did an interview for a podcast which was fun, and then there was an interesting talk by danimo about KDE 4. Danimo’s talk was informative, but the post talk Q+A was even more interesting, and there was some really good discussion.

Its nice to feel the sense of community here, and I have had some great feedback about Canonical, Kubuntu, community management, concerns, expectations and other issues. It has also been nice to hook up with Matthias Ettrich again and also to meet Knut, Torsten Rahn (coolest name evaaar), Klaus Knopper and Martin Konold.

So all in all, a pretty good event so far, and it has filled my already full head with yet more ideas and thoughts.

Oh, and I entered a raffle for a Trolltech Qtopia Greenphone – I really hope I win. I would love one of those beauties. 🙂

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