Well, in January I will be heading over to Australia for the first time as my paper How to Herd Cats and Influence People was accepted for linux.conf.au. I was pleased to get accepted, particularly with the much publicised huge number of submissions and the rather rigorous decision process.

For you abstract-junkies:

When talking about free software, the word ‘community’ comes trotting closely behind, and has become a Fully Buzzword Compliant (FBC) term. Although bandied around by those with and without whispy beards, there is often confusion and misunderstanding about how exactly community works and how we can improve our different communities. Clearly different people see community in different ways, but surely there must be an underlying structure common to all communities? Surely we can draw some parallels with different communities?

In this entertaining and anecdote driven talk, Jono Bacon takes a stroll through the meaning of community, how the free software community has developed from the early days, and how the business world have handled open communities in good and not-so-good ways. The presentation also delves successful communities in action, and the techniques involved in creating communities that are exciting, productive and fun to be part of. Finally, Jono will share some thoughts and experience of how the Ubuntu community works, where it is moving forward and what challenges lie ahead.

If you are curious about how to build better communities, or are just befuzzed about them, be sure to come along to this interesting and amusing presentation.

So, I will be there from 15th – 20th January 2007 in Sydney, Australia. I am looking to organise plenty of Ubuntu LoCo stuff while there, and I am keen to meet as many of you as possible. Should be fun. 🙂

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