I am pleased to present my brand new song – Voices Of Freedom.

I wrote this song while on holiday in Florida, and it is a nice, bouncy, acoustic song that I think is fairly catchy. A different style for me, so a bit experimental. I am quite pleased with it though. 🙂

I actually wrote this song about free software and the people who make it happen. It is about taking a stand and having an impact on the world. The lyrics are all written about the ethos and spirit of the free software community.

Oh, and incidentally, with each new release I would love to see any suggested art for a CD cover to go with the track. I am also interested in musicians who fancy transcribing the music so other people can play it. I can imagine this song would be a good tune to sing around campfires with a bunch of geeks sat around, so the chords and tab would be useful. 🙂

Download the Ogg or MP3.

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