Well, after some months of hacking, Jokosher 0.2 enters its freeze at 12.00am on Nov 1st.

0.2 has a bunch of new features:

  • Volume Curve Mixing – with an intuitive selection system, you can easily draw volume curves that occur in realtime.
  • Effects Support – Jokosher 0.2 includes support for LADSPA effects. This opens up your projects to all kinds of potential.
  • Effects Presets – in addition to LADSPA support, you can now load and save effects presets, making it easier to find and reuse those all important effects combinations.
  • Better Mixing Tools – panning and master volume fading are now included.
  • International Support – Jokosher 0.2 will be available in a number of different languages, so you can have your studio in your own language.
  • Extensions – in 0.2 we now include support for third party extensions. This allows third party developers to make their own extensions with our extensions API. We will also ship some sample applications with Jokosher 0.2.
  • Click Track – play perfectly in time with a configurable metronome.
  • Low Latency Recording – reduced latency when recording and playing back audio at the same time.

Tonight I hacked in the click track, lukas added his extension manager, Aq hacked on his freesound extension, and a bunch of other patches have gone in. We are on target to hit our freeze, and then a good solid few weeks bug fixing.

This is where you ‘orrible lot come in. We need you to test Jokosher, and do lots testing for us. You will need a recent GStreamer CVS (see this page to set it up) and Jokosher out of subversion. We want as much feedback as possible about how well Jokosher is working. For more details of how to submit a bug report, head over to this page.

Its really great to see a nice development team forming – we have some great hackers here, and I think we should be able to spit out a nice solid release, with your help. 🙂

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