Lovely email from Frank Armstrong:

Hello Jono,

My name is Frank Armstrong. I am very happy to tell you about how your wonderful list saved me tons of hours of frustration. Rich Johnson, from Chicago, has been a super help to me. I’m just now taking the time to learn the ropes for Kubuntu, and he has solved several amazing problems for me. I can’t tell you have happy I am to know there are real heroes left in this tech world. I will keep in touch with him and eventually, make myself available to assist newbies to the Linux way of life.

Thank you so much for providing your wonderful resource list. Please encourage the updating of it. It will be a life-saver for many I’m sure. It is a real blessing.

Great work Rich! I agree with Frank. 🙂

It is people like these guys that are making our community kick ass every day. 🙂

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