Well, my new book will be published any time now:

This is my third book, but the first that I have written entirely myself. I am pretty pleased with it. A sample copy was here when I got back from San Francisco, and it looks schaweeeet.

The book takes a different approach to PHP/MySQL development, and instead of teaching a bunch of unrelated, un-connected, disparate concepts, it guides the reader through writing eight web applications that are actually useful. It is a much more hands-on approach to learning the technology, and importantly, applying that technology to real-world use cases.

What is also cool is that there is a Live CD included with the book that provides a bootable Ubuntu system where you can run the applications from. This provides an excellent opportunity to run, modify and play with the applications without affecting your existing system.

From the back of the book:

Leading open source author Jono Bacon teaches the core skills you’ll need to build virtually any application. You’ll discover how to connect with databases, upload content, perform cascading deletes, edit records, validate registrations, specify user security, create reusable components, use PEAR extensions, and even build Ajax applications.

So, check it out, and post your reviews on Amazon. 🙂

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