Well, Jokosher 0.2 has been out for nearly a week and we have been getting some excellent feedback. The main aim of the 0.2 release was to kick out something that early adopters could test and give us plenty of feedback about what works well and what works not-so-well. Much of this feedback has been coming to us via our excellent discussion forums, our mailing list and via reported bugs.

We also had some testing of 0.1 done by our friends over at The Linux Link Tech Show in Episode 168. They even recorded a small segment in Jokosher 0.1! Many of the problems that were encountered in 0.1 have indeed been fixed, and many of the resulting issues are slated as fixes for our next release which will be a 0.9/1.0 release. I really encourage our pals there to test 0.2 and report their progress.

Let me fill you in on the plans for our next release. Our 0.2 release contains all of the major features that we want to be in our first major release, but our plan is to (a) get Jokosher rock solid stable (b) make sure it works with distro released versions of GStreamer and (c) plug the remaining bugs and usability issues that are being reported. 0.2 shipped with no critical bugs that we could find, but there are lots of tiny little fixes that we want to merge in. We are slating late Feb/early March as our release time, and it will be all hands on deck getting it rock solid. With most of the development team using Ubuntu, the release schedule is based around the next Ubuntu release so that we can get Jokosher in Universe for Feisty.

On Sunday at 2pm UTC we have a meeting in #jokosher on irc.freenode.net to decide what exactly is going into our next release. Again, these will not be major new features, but will instead be refinements and fixes. We will also judge what goes in on what it touches. If a certain feature requires dramatic changes to GStreamer, this involves a longer rev time, so it will probably not go in. If it is a feature that just relies on Python and GTK/Cairo, then we can get it in. We are really keen that 0.9/1.0 will work in all major Linux distros out of the box.

This is an exciting time for the project. I am utterly amazed at how far we have come, and I have huge respect for everyone who has been a part of the project. We set ourselves a pretty audacious task with this project, and one that has required a lot of learning, testing and refinement, but we are making real progress. Its funny to think that when we started the project, none of us had really used GStreamer, only some of us had used GTK/Cairo and some of us were new at Python. It really shows what is possible with community and the GNOME platform.

We are all psyched up and ready to kick the world of audio recording in the balls and make it easier, more powerful and rock harder. If this gets the hairs on the back of your neck standing on end, come and join us and lets make the next release a real example of free software and what it can do.

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