Well, the Ubuntu Open Week kicks off this week and we welcome everyone from all walks of life, distros, skills, opinions and curiosities to come along and get involved. The aim of the week is to help grow the awesome Ubuntu community, and we have a fantastic menu of events lined up. This is a great opportunity to get involved.

We have sessions on all kinds of subjects including Ubuntu Desktop Team, Packaging 101, The Ubuntu Community, Translations with Rosetta, Kubuntu, Maintaining an Ubuntu Package, Becoming an Ubuntu Member, Using Launchpad, Ask Mark, The Ubuntu Bug Squad, The Ubuntu Bug Squad, LoCo Teams, Ubuntu Documentation Project, Edubuntu and recently added some more sessions:

  • Patching Packages
  • Xubuntu
  • Ubuntu Ports

Also, don’t forget we have the Ubuntu Freshers Day on Friday. The aim of this day is that anyone with any interest in contributing to Ubuntu can come to #ubuntu-freshers on irc.freenode.net and find people who can help you get started. This is an open day for anyone with an interest in Ubuntu to get involved.

Remember, being part of Ubuntu does not have to be a technical, hardcore, programming or packaging job. You can be involved with artwork, marketing, advocacy, local community teams, documentation, translations and more. We are keen that everyone with every discipline can be a part of our growing community. If you would like to help but are unsure of how, that is what the Ubuntu Freshers Day is for. Come along to #ubuntu-freshers and find out more. 🙂

Finally, I want to thank our excellent community for coming together to make the Ubuntu Open Week possible. The week was organised in around three or four days, and I am immensely proud of the people who actively volunteered to be a part of the week and help grow our community.

See you in the sessions!

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