Recently I have been working on a new song which is very intense on the drums. Tonight I managed to nail it all in time, resulting in pretty achey legs. Anyway, I figured I would put a sampler online as the song won’t be ready for a while due to Christmas. Download the 30 sec drum test (sorry it is MP3 but its late and for some reason vorbis creation is broken on my studio computer right now).

This has got me thinking about how we can better facilitate practice into Jokosher. To get the drums right I have just been rehearsing like mad with a metronome, and I am positive Jokosher could be expanded with its extensions API to support little programs for making practice better. This way Jokosher stops becoming just a recording tool but takes on life as a rehearsal tool as well. The extension API is already out there with our 0.2 release, so this may be food for thought for some people. Rock on. 🙂

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