I think its time to jam some Jokosher love into your collective pipes. Ready for an update on the worlds funkiest multi-track editor that all the cool kids are talking about? OK, here goes.

Recently the development team have been hammering on bugs, ploughing in new features and working on all of the services and community resources around the Jokosher project. We have also seen our excellent development team growing – its nice to see the project becoming self sustaining. As I previously blogged about, I have stepped away from the coding side, and I am pleased to see the slack taken up with these extra developers. Welcome to the team chaps! 🙂

So, lets get into the meat of what has been going on:

  • Help Integration – David Corrales has added online help support, using the help written by our excellent docs team. So, click on Help and its there for you.
  • Extensions – The Jokosher extensions world is a-rocking-and-a-rolling with a number of things going on. Firstly, we have documented our extension API on userdocs.jokosher.org (more on this later) and we have also added Aq’s excellent Jokosher Extension tutorial. Now there is no excuse to write extensions for Jokosher, and don’t forget to update userdocs.jokosher.org with any additional hints, tips and guides that you fancy ploughing in.
  • Jokosher Forums – Our awesome forums are really beginning to grow nicely. From the start I have wanted the forums to be a central place for Jokosher users – they are intended to be a place to get help, discuss Jokosher and show off recordings created in Jokosher. Things are progressing there nicely and more and more people are using them. It takes time, but I am sure we will get a buzzing community there as the steam builds up.
  • LADSPA Categories – One of the problems with Jokosher right now is that there is a huge list of LADSPA effects, and unwieldy is an understatement for the mighty bugger. We have discussed maintaining our own LADSPA categories (most LADSPA effects don’t include categories) to make this much nicer.
  • Usability Improvements – Jokosher is all about usability, and much has been made of this in the past. Recently the effects dialog has been discussed in detail, and some changes will be going into Jokosher to improve it. It is not unusual to stumble into #jokosher on irc.freenode.net and see long and drawn out discussions over usability minutia – we are proud of our usability, but there is still lots to do.
  • Bug Fixing and Testing – This is the big deal with the next release – we want to make sure Jokosher works for everyone. As such, fewer major features and more bug fixes. We have recently seen fixes to a number of our reported bugs and improvements to the pipeline, master volume handling and more. We absolutely need you guys to test Jokosher! so grab it, test it and report your bugs and discuss any issues in the forums. Jokosher will only get better with more testing, so do help us out folks – its particularly easy on Ubuntu, with our nifty download script that does all the work so you don’t have to. Well, we can do this one of two ways, you either be nice and test Jokosher or I come over to your house and give you a wedgie. Your choice. 🙂

One thing I mentioned earlier is userdocs.jokosher.org – this is our collaborative community documentation site. Anyone can edit the content on the there by registering for an account, and we are keen to see the site become a haven for tips, guides, help and other documentation. This is also the place where we work on the documentation for the next version of Jokosher – the final documentation appears on doc.jokosher.org. Head over to the site and help out – writing and improving documentation is a great way to help an Open Source project, and documentation is critical to the success of Jokosher.

So, its an exciting time in our camp, and we are ready kick arse and take names. If you do nothing else after reading this, just test Jokosher out and report your bugs, experiences and thoughts to us. Now is the time to get your feedback to us, so in a few words, download, report bugs and discuss in the forums. If you do this your life will be better. Its true, just look at how happy the Jokosher team is. We all live in a big house like in The Waltons…

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