I have just spent three days at BETT in which OpenForum Europe had invited Ubuntu onto their stand. BETT is an education show, and a bleedin’ massive one at that, and we have given out a lot of Edubuntu CDs there. Thanks to Stephen Aitkin for inviting us, and particular thanks to Pete Savage for his excellent work on the booth. Pete also organised for a bunch of schoolkids to come down with t-shirts saying I AM NOT SCARED OF OPEN SOURCE and an Ubuntu and Edubuntu logo on the back. This worked a charm.

Tonight I fly out to Sydney. Feeling pretty tired right now after busy days and fun evenings, so I am hoping I will sleep on the plane. I have never been to Sydney before, but three or four people have told me to expect brutal gang-jetlag. Hmmm, thats going to be fun. Beard.

So, I will see a bunch of you in Sydney at LCA. The magic time is 2pm on Thursday Jan 18th for the very first, virgin showing of How to Herd Cats and Influence People. Be there or be square. Well, just be there… 🙂

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