Well folks, today is a first for the Jokosher project, and I present the very first podcast show recorded in Jokosher! To test the current state of Jokosher, I decided to record The State Of Jokosher one morning in Sydney while nursing a hangover (so forgive the rather tired, croaky, monotonal voice). This was recorded on my Thinkpad with a little cheap external microphone and a sock used as a McGyver style pop-shield.

The entire show was recorded, mixed and exported in Jokosher. This gives you a taste of the kind of stuff you can do with Jokosher. Recording this show has unveiled a number of quirks that I am going to report for us to fix. Real world tests like this really does help improve the project.

Do let us know if you have recorded anything in Jokosher, and post your work in the Finished Work discussion forum.

So, download The State Of Jokosher right now!

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