Credit where credit is due to Steve Jobs for his recent Open Letter. This is exactly the kind of discussion people in his position should be having to promote an open marketplace and freedom. His letter quite clearly states that “if the Big 4 music companies provide DRM-free songs, this will be a good thing” – I am impressed that he is taking this stance, particularly with their dominant market position and pre-existing relationships with the Big 4.

It also makes me chuckle. There seems to be a bit of this going on:

Five Years Ago…

Steve: Hi Big 4, we are creating this online music store and trendy little device to play the music on. We are a cool company, and admired by a generation of people with disposable income, would you like to be a part of it?

Big 4: Hmmm, sounds a bit dangerous…

6 months later…

Big 4: OK, we will be part of it, but we need you to make something called a DRM that will protect our precious music.

Steve: Of course, protecting music is essential…utterly essential. You wish is my iCommand.

5 years and 2 billion songs later…

Steve: Haha suckers! You should be using DRM free systems and we own the music player market!

Interesting about-turn. Kudos Steve. Want to come and speak at LUGRadio Live 2007? We will you a pint. 🙂

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