Did my talk at Skycon today. It was an interesting experience as (a) I went to bed, somewhat inebriated at 4.30am, (b) I have a cold and cough and feel like shit and (c) I was the very first talk of the day, and everyone else got as equally hammered as we did. Nevertheless, there was a decent turnout for the talk, and despite sounding like Barry White and feeling grim (mainly from my cold), it seemed to go pretty well.

After the talk I had an interesting discussion with a Debian guy about the Debian project and how Ubuntu interacts with it. When I get some time over the next few weeks, I am keen to solicit some opinion and views about Debian and Ubuntu and how we can improve the situation. Debian is an incredibly important project for free software and I am keen to see if there is anything I can do to help improve things.

Skycon is an interesting event, and there are a good bunch of people here. Expect a LUGRadio release over the next few days that should be edited in Jokosher.

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