OK, I have a few things to cover in this blog post, so hang tight.

  • Dammit, that sucks – Unfortunately I have had to cancel my appearance at the Free Software and Open Source Days 2007 event in Turkey. I wish I could attend the event but alas, circumstances mean that I can’t. Apologies to anyone this may have affected.
  • But, wow, this doesn’t – Wow, the Big Red Recording has already raised a whopping £776.00 in just two, yep, that’s two days. Only another couple of hundred quid and we will hit the £1000 mark. Thanks to everyone who has donated, I am so grateful to everyone for chipping in. And for you ‘orrible lot who haven’t yet donated, DONATE RIGHT NOW and lets just see how much money we can raise for such a good cause. 🙂
  • I am an artist don’t you know… – I have started writing music for The Big Red Recording, and I have four songs on the go at the moment. My mission statement for this album is to “tap into the full range of human emotions” – expect happy, sad, aggressive, sensitive and other emotions thundering through with the songs. I am really excited about the material that is coming together. As ever, this will be blogged about over at Recreant View,so keep your eyeballs over there for updates.
  • The single greatest event ever to happen – We have had some incredible LUGRadio Live 2007 paper submissions, and this years event is shaping up to be pretty incredible. We are still very keen for more paper submissions though, so see this page and get them in! We want a diverse and interesting range of talks, so everyone should submit something. Try and get your submissions in over the next few weeks. 🙂

Right, thats it. 🙂

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