Take the stress out of building communities with the FREE ‘People Powered’ Book Club.

11 Week Program. Read a chapter each week. Join for a weekly call with me to discuss the content, how to apply it, and grow your skills. All part of a passionate, engaging community.

Registration Closes:
2nd Oct 2020

Yes! We hit the £1000 mark for the Big Red Recording!! Thanks to everyone who has donated so far. Now, lets see if we can hit £2000 – there are still 26 days until the recording begins, so plenty of time to DONATE!

In other charity news, Paul Cooper has put a jacket of mine on Ebay for charity. Nutter. I actually left this jacket by mistake at OpenAdvantage when I left to join Canonical. Its a really nice jacket too. Anyway, all proceeds again go to Comic Relief, so get bidding.

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