Quick update on The Big Red Recording.

Pretty much all the songs are complete, and I am feverishly writing lyrics. I have written lyrics for three of the songs, and the fourth is on-going. One of the songs may be an instrumental – it sounds pretty cool without lyrics. I have also written all of the drums and bass for the songs, and I spent some time at the weekend with Emelye getting the Cello sorted. She wrote down her notation for her parts, and it is sounding incredible.

In the meantime, there is all the other stuff around the recording to sort out. I have taken my Jackson Randy Rhoads in to be re-strung, and I will be re-stringing my acoustic tonight. Emelye has changed her cello strings, and I will be decking my gear (in the words of the mighty Manowar) over the next few days, tweaking everything ready for the big day. Emelye has also arranged for her husband and her friend Toni to come over and cook us breakfast and lunch on Saturday. On Thursday evening I will be going out and buying a huge pack of Red Bull as well as getting the studio in shape. Busy days. 🙂

Its going to be tough. Really tough. 24 hours locked in a room recording is not only going to be exhausting, but physically and mentally challenging. The most challenging parts I suspect are going to be the singing (I have four songs to sing and three to growl, Emelye is also singing on a number of the songs), the drumming (physically demanding) and the cello (Emelye hammers that cello, so there is always the risk of intense finger agony). Combine physically demanding playing with tiredness and it’s a tall order. The plan is to work really hard and fast in the early hours to get the core guitars sorted, and then when we hit the tough time between 4am – 9am, it should be things like bass guitars which are being recorded. By the time the second wind comes at around midday, it will be cello and vocals time. Well, this is the broad plan…never done anything like this before…

We should hopefully be posting regular photos and updates to my blog and flickr. More later.

And and there is still time donate, tight-wads. 🙂

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