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LUGRadio Live 2007 is coming and its going to rock your socks off. Expect a number of announcements about the event as we get closer to the big event on the 7th and 8th July 2007 in Wolverhampton, England.

Right now I want to announce the confirmed speakers for LUGRadio Live 2007! Aq and I have been beavering away at getting these sorted, so we are pleased to announce the line-up which are spread across three stages:

  • Chris diBona (Google)
  • Nat Friedman (Novell and the Linux Desktop)
  • Aaron Seigo (KDE4)
  • Ted Haeger (TBC)
  • Simon Willison (OpenID)
  • Scott James Remnant (Ten Really Cool Things)
  • Matthew Garrett (Linux Laptops)
  • Rob McQueen (Telepathy)
  • Thomas vander Stichele (Flumotion)
  • Karl Lattimer (Wine-doors)
  • Christian Schaller (Fluendo)
  • John Leach (ELER: Kill Your Tribal Elders)
  • Michael Sparks (BBC Research)
  • Des Burley (I Am a Lawyer)
  • John Alfred Knottenbelt (Making Linux games at Introversion)
  • Malcolm Yates (ISVs and Ubuntu)
  • Szilveszter Farkas and Jelmer Vernooij (bzr-gtk – Revision Control Made Easy)
  • Laszlo Pandy (Inside Jokosher)
  • Daniel James (Free software rocks)
  • Ben Lamb (Konquering the Desktop with KDE4)
  • Kat Goodwin (Alternative Advocacy: Taking it to the schools)
  • Bruno Bord (The Great LUGRadio Quiz)
  • Becky Hogge (Open Rights Group)
  • Gervase Markham (How To Win Every Argument)
  • Joe Born (The Path to the $100 Embedded Linux Media Center)
  • Gareth Qually (OSS Graphic Design Tools)
  • Michael Sheldon (SabreGL – Easy 3D Game Creation)
  • Barbie (Selenium)
  • Andy Davidson (Scaling up for Champions)
  • Pablo Ruiz Mรƒยบzquiz (Desktop migration in a Savings Bank)
  • Dave Neary (OpenWengo Communication and Community)
  • Michael Barker (Meldware and the Buni Dev. Community)
  • Philip Coombes (Open Source Video + Domestic Security)

In addition to this fine selection of individuals we have some additional sessions planned on the main stages:

  • Adam Sweet’s Gong-a-Thong Lightbulb Talk Extravaganza – Here we want to have people get on the main stage and talk about something interesting for literally a few minutes. We will let you figure out how this event will be run by the name of it. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • The Mass Debate – Once again we line up the great and good in the free software and Open Source community to battle it out in the legendary mass debate.
  • The Hour Of Power – A big hit last year, we again have The Hour Of Power penned in this year in which a range of cool demos will wow and entertain you. If you have something cool to demo (and this blog goes out on Planet GNOME, Planet Ubuntu and Planet GStreamer, so I am looking at you folks here) do mail us and we can add you to this legendary hour. There are limited slots, so get in quick!

And lets not forget LUGRadio Live And Unleashed – once again the LUGRadio team climb on the stage and record a show in front of a live, heckling, raucous audience. Always good fun. ๐Ÿ™‚

In addition to this we have loads of extra stuff going on, much of which we will keep for a surprise at the event. One thing we are looking for though are exhibitors. If you want to exhibit your project or company, and particularly if you have cool and interesting stuff to show, mail us.

Exciting news folks, more news as it breaks! ๐Ÿ˜€

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