Well, Ubuntu Open Week is in full swing, and has been a huge success so far, with nearly 300 excitable people crammed in #ubuntu-classroom on Freenode, sucking in the goodness. Thanks to everyone has who given a session and to everyone for coming along to get involved. I hope you are all enjoying the week so far. 🙂

Now, a few scheduling changes:

  • The Ask Mark session in which you can probe our fearless leader Mark Shuttleworth in any way you feel he should be probed, conventional or otherwise, is now on Wed 25th at 18.00 UTC instead of Fri 27th.
  • The Ubuntu Marketing Team session is now on Thu 26th at 20.00 UTC instead of Wed 25th.
  • The Ubuntu Desktop Team session is now on Fri 27th at 17.00 UTC instead of Thu 26th.

Got it? If UTC just confuses the hell out of you, see this site to figure out when to show up. 🙂

Thanks also to Jeremy Austin-Bardo who has been working on the logs of each of the sessions. On the main Ubuntu Open Week website you can see links to the session logs. Thanks Jeremy! 🙂

I hope to see a bunch of you in my Q+A session at 3pm UTC today. Questions about ducks or bottle dancing may be ignored. 😛

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