• I am on Holiday until Wednesday next week. Expect little response to work related shennanigans, but urgent queries can go to my mobile.
  • This blog post which was then fridged and importantly, dugg caused a flurry of USTeams interest in nailing the goal of an approved team in every state by the end of the year. In one day, new teams were created for Alaska, Idaho, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Texas, Vermont, West Virgina and Wisconsin. Great work to the incredible USTeams mentors and the fantastic new volunteers who stepped up to build these teams. Ubuntu really is kicking arse and taking names in the US of A. 🙂
  • A couple of interviews with me released recently from Ubuntu Live. First, this one from Sun and second, this interview from Fresh Ubuntu with Mark Shuttleworth, Gerry Carr (our Marketing manager) and I.
  • I have started the grandiose house-cleanup and I am getting it into shape. To this end, I have ordered a skip for the rubbish. You know, I feel a certain sense of achievement from ordering a skip – another one of life’s ambitions finally achieved.
  • Facebook has sucked less than I expected, and given me one great boon – put me in touch with a slew of old schoolmates, who are in the process of organising a re-union. I am really excited about this. I cannot wait to meet up with them all. 🙂

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