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Wed 21st Oct 2020 

We have an interesting situation with Jokosher. We are close. So. Very. Close. Just a little more bug fixing and we can get out a release that everyone can use reliably.

However, we need help. We need people to come and test Jokosher, and to bug-fix where possible. To make this easier to get involved, we will be running a number of hack sessions. These are scheduled sessions when the Jokosher team will be in #jokosher on It is an ideal opportunity to come and help.

The plan is simple:

Not everyone can fix the bugs, but everyone can help test and find out more information about the cause of the bugs. Think of it as a software version of Murder She Wrote. 🙂

We have two hack sessions scheduled this week – Wed 12th September and Thurs 13th September, both from 9pm UTC in #jokosher on They are quite late as that is when many of our hackers seem to be around. There will also be people in the channel before the hack session.

I am also going to try a little experiment and invite people to join a conference VoIP session while we work. This could create a productive atmosphere so we can chat to each other when exploring these bugs. Initially I am going to use Skype to see if this works, with the hope of using a free software VoIP phone in the future. So, if you come to the hack session and want to join the conference call, come armed with a Skype ID.

I hope to see you there!

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