Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls, Cats and Dogs, Sheep and Goats, Ace Of Bass, Boys 2 Men…erm…, anyway, I am pleased to point your already curious noses in the direction of the Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon Beta Release. It is out, and it needs testing. And, guess what? This is where you ‘orrible lot come in.

You see, I know that my blog is read by a certain demographic that broadly splits in two – geeks and metallers, and a possible third demographic of bemused onlookers, looking for Jono Coleman instead. Yes, he is the somewhat rotund Australian DJ from many moons ago, and regular sports-fans may remember a mis-interpreted email I once sent him. People here for Coleman or Metal can move on, for this post is for all of my socks and sandals friends…

We need your help in getting Gutsy tested – we need everyone to upgrade and give it a good run for its money so we can fix bugs. If you are a Feisty user, head over to this page to learn how to upgrade. If you are a new user, grab it from this page. Install or upgrade and if you notice anything amiss, or any oddities, head over and report your bugs. The beta is a pretty solid release and the team are only focusing on bug-fixing, so you can be pretty confident it should work fine, but the usual caveat with betas applies.

I did the upgrade yesterday, and everything is running pretty damn smoothly. It is a nice release, feels pretty solid, and I am particularly digging the desktop search and desktop effects integration. All good stuff. Lets make it even more rock solid by everyone making Gutsy jump through hoops and reporting bugs.

Have fun!

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