I love wikipedia. I have always been a pretty curious person, and I have wasted hours learning about all manner of things on there. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly things can get updated there, such as when Chris joined LugRadio – the page was updated pretty shortly after it was announced. Stunning.

I was also stunned when I discovered a while back that I have my own wikipedia page, and despite Aq joking that I wrote it myself (which I didn’t), I was amazed at what is on there (although its a little out of date now). Interestingly, Aq did actually write his, the cheeky bugger. It also amuses me that on Aq’s page he is apparently “known for his advocacy of Gedit”. I know that sentence makes him proud. 😛

Now, I don’t know if I am breaking wikipedia’s policy by posting this, but the LugRadio wikipedia page is pretty limited, and could do with expanding. I know that people cannot write their own pages (this means you Aq 😉 ), and I am loathed to edit the LugRadio page for fear of attributing bias to it. So, LugRadio community, go and do your thang – there is a long history behind the show, plenty of trivia, various community resources, in-jokes and stories, and other juicy nuggets that could pack the page out nicely. Also, Adam and Chris could do with wikipedia pages.

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