Ever so quick shout out to my French friend and cheese lover, Edward Hervey, for releasing 0.11.0 of PiTiVi. I know this release has been a long time coming, and we are starting to see video editing functionality being rolled into it – with this release you can import video, cut, move clips around, transcode to different formats, and other bits and pieces. Lets not forget too, that PiTiVi uses the magic formula of Python/GStreamer/GTK, so you should go and worship at its feet. I know the team are looking for some solid testing, so grab it, test it and report bugs.

The PiTiVi team are screaming out for help, so if you want to see video editing kick the proverbial derriere, and have some Python skills, get along and help out. You can pester the team on #pitivi on Freenode.

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