This weekend I fly to Portugal for the Open aLANtejo\07 event. Fellow Ubuntu and Canonical bod Mirco Müller will be there, and I am going to hassle him to teach me how to spin upside down.

Then, on the 26th October I fly to Cambridge, Massachusetts for FOSSCamp and the Ubuntu Developer Summit. Both events are shaping up really nicely. If anyone over in that neck of the woods wants to meet up for a few drinks, do give me a shout. The week following UDS I will be attending a Canonical company summit, and then I fly home.

I am also beginning to think about travel for 2008, and I currently fleshing out ideas for my next big talk which I will take around the place, replacing my How To Herd Cats And Influence Talk. If you are a conference organiser and want me to speak, get in touch. 🙂

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