I am over in Cambridge for FOSSCamp and the Ubuntu Developer Summit. Insanely busy and not much tome to blog, so its bullet-time:

  • My laptop keyboard broke as I tried to check email an hour before I left for the Airport to fly to Boston. This resulted in a mad rush to buy an external USB keyboard, which was less than fun when running down Tottenham Court Road with a big suitase. Typical timing!
  • FOSSCamp went very well, and seems to have been very productive. I had some excellent discussions throughout the event, and it was great to have so many different upstreams participating. It was also great that Miguel and Aaron from Novell and Colin from Red Hat came along.
  • Social events fun so far – Friday night danced to a funk band in an Irish bar named after a norse capital city (!), Sat night watched the Red Sox in a strange communist styled bar surrounded by people in fancy dress (!), last night dinner with Debra, Mako and Mika.
  • Hung out with Jon Masters, haven’t seen him for ages – he seems to be doing well. Still as round-headed as the legend states. 🙂
  • Gin is an evil substance.
  • Cambridge is a really nice area, and some great restaurants to choose from, and different types of international cuisine – Ethiopian sounds particularly interesting.
  • The UDS, which is half a day old so far, has been very productive. I think we are really beginning to nail the organisation now and make the event more accessible, more streamlined, and more productive. We have a really great crowd attending, and I think it is going to be an excellent week for Ubuntu.
  • Had an excellent discussion today about upstream relations – I think we have some real opportunities to improve and progress relations with upstream. Some interesting ideas, and the spec is going to have another session later in the week.
  • There is a strong MOTU and Debian presence here, as to be expected, and there are some excellent discussions going on about streamlining these groups – yesterday at FOSSCamp there was an excellent inter-change between different MOTUs and DDs about improving relations. I am very keen for us to really focus on the Ubuntu/Debian relationship and refine and improve it.

Busy week ahead, and not much time to blog, but I will try to keep you all updated as we go.

UPDATE: Check out the fridge article about FOSSCamp!

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