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Wed 21st Oct 2020 

I can feel my fingers curling as I write this post, and I can feel my peers looking on in dismay, but I have to say, I continue to love Facebook. I am not sure what it is about it, but it really is helping me stay abreast of what my friends are doing, is genuinely useful for keeping in touch with long-lost pals and is generally easy and uncluttered to use. Mind you, I would like to have a special button that instantly removes people the planet, erm, I mean…from my friends list, who have anything to do with Zombies, Vampires or other such nonsense.

Despite this, in Boston a week ago I heard someone say “I am totally going to friend you“. At this point my eyeball removed itself from the socket with rage. Nevermind, I guess the vernacular needs to reflect the current state of the art.

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