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Tues 16th Feb 2021

Just so you know, I have been off work for a week with the flu, but I am back now. As such, I will be getting to the email backlog over the next few days.

A few lessons learned from my week off:

  • Jeremy Kyle needs to go away, the irritating sod. So does Ricki Lake, Sally Jesse Raphael and Trisha Goddard. The one shining exception was the excellent Wright Stuff and its presenter Matthew Wright.
  • The Mighty Boosh and Tittybangbang are pretty amusing, yet there is a lot of crap marked up as ‘new comedy’ on BBC Three; you can read this as ‘pretty unfunny drivel that is supposed to be cool’.
  • The Late Edition from BBC4 is our equivalent of The Daily Show, and while the first episode I watched was a little rubbish, the second one I watched was excellent. It also had the legendary MP Tony Benn on there, a man who we should all inspire from.
  • Night Nurse is like rocket fuel for sleep.

Thanks to the people who checked in on me to make sure I was OK, much appreciated. 🙂

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