In the Ubuntu world, we love packagers. We think they are intelligent, attractive, perfect human beings who help make Ubuntu what it is. And, they are. They are great, great people and deserve the red-carpet treatment wherever they may roam.

We encourage people to become such incredible people by joining Ubuntu as a packager via the excellent MOTU team. Anyone who is interested in joining the ranks of people getting started with Ubuntu Packaging in MOTU should read the Getting Started page right away. 🙂

Not only do we have a super-cool packaging team, and its never been easier to get started learning how to package, but we also have an incredible world-wide network of LoCo teams.

So, we have a world-wide network of teams of Ubuntu enthusiasts, and some great resources to get started in Ubuntu Packaging. Maybe…they…could be combined…

…and they have been, in the glorious, worldly form of Packaging Jams!

OK, what the hell is a Packaging Jam, I hear you ask. Well, a Packaging Jam is basically an event that a LoCo team, LUG or other group runs in which someone teaches a room of people who to get started in Ubuntu Packaging. They are hands-on events that help people get started, and teams such as the excellent Michigan LoCo have run them in the past.

Running a Packaging Jam

Running a Packaging Jam is pretty simple, and I have written up a guide based on content from the Michigan LoCo – go and read it here. In summary – choose a date, find a venue, promote it and run your jam!

The current list of up-coming Packaging Jams can be found on the MOTU Events page.

If you are going to run a jam, email me and let me know. 🙂

Go forth, and jam, and package, and prosper, and become incredible human beings. 🙂

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