Time for a quick update on the album.

Work is progressing pretty well, and I now have four final core song concepts. A song concept is what I refer to as the core seedling of a song, and is typically in the form of a verse and chorus and few other bits and pieces. The song concept has to get me going for it to be considered to put more work into it. In a typical album you might develop 15 or 20 song concepts, and you need to whittle them down to the number of songs you want to produce on the album, and in this case I am aiming at 11 songs, depending on the length of the songs. So these four concepts are very likely to be used on the final record.

I have also been taking chunks of video while I am working on it, and will be making that into a documentary that will be included on a DVD with the CD edition of the album. Even just a week in, its been fascinating reviewing the footage and where things have developed.

So writing is ongoing, and I am just trying to find some time to spend on it. The added complexity of Guitar Hero III arriving has muddied the availability time for a few days too.

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