Quick update on the album.

I have had pretty limited time recently to work on the album with being away for a week at the sprint in London, and then hectic most evenings. I was also kicked down with a cold for a while – headaches and loud, roaring guitars don’t mix! This week though I have had a little to work on some tunes, and made some good progress.

As I said previously, I am entering the second stage of the writing process – recording completed songs in their own project, with a click track and finalising various parts of the songs. I had one song completed at this stage, and this week I recorded another two, and the third one I wrote the bridge and ending to. This third song sounds pretty Pantera-like, with a nice fat (or phat, depending on your opinion and surfing experience) Hatebreed bridge and ending. All of these songs are providing oodles of creativity for vocals. Part of the reason I want to get the second-stage recordings done is so I can save them to my computer and write some lyrics on my flight to LA on Thursday. This album is going to say an awful lot about me and my life, and I want the lyrics to have as much care and devotion as the music.

Overall the music is sounding interesting; a mix of fairly accessible and rocky (not the boxer) arrangements, but with really thunderously heavy guitars and drums – its an interesting combination and difficult to pin what it sounds like. I suppose you could say it mixes Testament, Black Label Society, AC/DC, Metallica, Megadeth, Pantera, Mudvayne, Nevermore and a few other bands; and this is just the three songs I have written so far. If there is one thing I do know, this album is going to be pretty diverse musically and will have a palette of heavy and lighter moments.

I am hoping to get some more written tonight. 🙂

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