Just finished the always excellent SCALE conference in Los Angeles. All in all, an excellent event, and thanks again to the conference organisers for making myself, and all the other speakers feel incredibly welcome.

SCALE saw the first showing of my brand new talk Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants: The Coming Of The Linux Desktop and it seems have gone down pretty well – the audience were fun, joined in and I had a blast doing it. I was also surprised how busy it was – the room was pretty full, standing room only, and apparently there was an overflow room (with a video feed of the live talk) which also overflowed. Tempted to put my ego in that room – when I heard about an overflowing overflow room I felt unparalleled levels of smugness. It will be just my luck that there were free donuts in there or something, hence the crowd. 😛

I am now sat at LAX about to fly to San Jose and over to Google to deliver the talk as a Google Tech Talk. I will be booking speaking dates in the next few weeks – if you are organising a conference and would like me to come and speak, do drop me an email.

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