Some time ago, I saw down with the other two horsemen and we hatched a plan to have a week full of incredible IRC tuition sessions that show how to get involved in Ubuntu as a developer with packaging. Well, this resulted in the incredible wickedness that shall be known to all humanity as Ubuntu Developer Week and it happens from the 18th – 22nd Feb.

All of the events happen on IRC, so get connected and suck up the following sessions, each led by a range of community experts:

  • Packaging 101 <—– a great place to get started with packaging
  • Patching Packages
  • Launchpad PPAs
  • MOTU School
  • Introduction To The Server Team
  • MOTU Processes
  • Virtualisation
  • Kubuntu
  • Ubuntu Derivatives Team
  • Debdiffs And How To Get Them Submitted
  • Hosting Code With Launchpad
  • First Steps On Contributing
  • Desktop Packaging Session
  • SRU/Security Updates
  • Firefox 3 Extension Packaging
  • Writing Scripts For Automated Desktop Testing
  • Bughelper – Making Bug Work Easier
  • Bug Triage
  • MOTU Q&A Session
  • Library Packaging

Bring on the love – I hope to see you all there. Remember, if you want to get involved with packaging – head over and read the Getting Started page – this is a great time to get involved with this week of sessions.

Spread the word, blog it and Digg it! Look forward to seeing you all there! 🙂

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